Jn 4:4. Why did Jesus have to pass through Samaria?

September 23, 2012


I. Introduction
II. Passing through Samaria and passing by the Jordan valley
1. Relationships between Jews and Samaritans
2. The reason why Jesus had to pass through Samaria
III. Usage of the Greek verb “dei” (have to) in the Fourth Gospel
1. Prerequisites for hearers and readers
2. Greek verb “dei” describes identity of Jesus
3. The necessity to fulfill the mission
IV. Conclusion


Jn 4:3-26. Places: Samaria, Mt. Gerizim, Jacob’s Well, Sychar

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September 9, 2012


I.  Introduction
II. Samaria region and Samaria city
     1. Judea – Samaria – Galilee
     2. Samaria city – Sebaste city
III. Places of encounter in Samaria
     1. Sychar – Askar – Shechem 
     2. Jacob’s well
     3. Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal
IV. Conclusion